This blond teen comes back home with her sexy girlfriend, but none of them will escape the punishment. At first they were sent to the room and thought that the worst part had already passed, but when they are asked back to the hall, it gets clear that they are only about to experience the rage and have their ripe butts punished with a riding crop. Standing on their knees both girls are taking their punishment, but their sincere suffering makes their tormentor go horny for more. He makes one girl to please his bulging cock with her lips and mouth while the other has to stand aside facing the wall. What is so painful and disgraceful for these naughty teens is so good and pleasant for their tormentor!

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Categories: German BDSM Tags: ass, beautiful, big butt, blonde, brunette, cute, degradation, headfuck, humiliation, kinky, punishment, rough, spanking, subdued, sucking
Added: 02 Jun, 2011 by His Pervertness Duration: 9m:19s Viewed: 29641
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